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General Terms and Conditions of Purchase STAR_Czech_VNP_20150501_ENG_rev1.pdf


The STAR Group brochure
Basic information on the company and its services/products, customer reference list, 4 pages A4
brozura Star A4_aktualizace 2013_nahled.pdf
The STAR Group brochure
Basic information on the company and its services/products, customer reference list, 11 pages
Technical texts and Computer-Aided Translation - an interview about the possibilities of modern Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) software and the procedures and methods of work on the STAR Group's translation and localization projects ("Technika a Trh" monthly, 2008-2009) 1st part

2nd part

3rd part
The crisis hasn’t limited Czech companies’ access to foreign markets
(Technický týdeník nr. 24/2009)
The difficulties of corporate communications in foreign markets
  (Technika a Trh nr. 09/2010)
Asian markets as Czech exporters' salvation
  (Technika a Trh nr. 10/2010)  


An information flyer about TransitNXT in Czech (24 pages) TransitNXT_mail.pdf
An information brochure on TransitNXT in Czech (8 pages) br_transitNXT-termstar_CZ.pdf
A list of reasons why you should opt for TransitNXT for your translation and localization projects vyhody_TransitNXT.pdf
New functions and improvements of TransitNXT as compared to the previous XV version novinky_TransitNXT.pdf
Quick guides for TransitNXT users (30 quick guides in a ZIP archive)
"Translating in TransitNXT - A User Manual?" (37 pages) Jak_prekladat_v_Transitu_NXT.pdf
MySpell spellcheck dictionaries for use in TransitNXT, including installation guide (a 2.5MB ZIP file)
FormatChecker – efficient document formatting (4 pages) FormatChecker.pdf
Training video for beginners-users of Transit NXT (English, about 40 minutes, playback software included).    Download ENG  
Schulungsvideosequenz für Nutzer-Anfänger des Programms Transit NXT (auf Deutsch, ca. 40 Min., Wiedergabeprogramm beigefügt). Download GER

If not stated otherwise, files for download are in the Czech language.

For downloading updates and software documentation to Transit/TermStar, please visit our international website:

Transit/TermStar NXT update:
(Downloads section)

Transit/TermStar XV update:


Online TransitNXT training

An online TransitNXT training will take place on  16th of September 2020, 15:00-17:00.

more information

TransitNXT training in Ostrava

TransitNXT training will take place in Ostrava on  30th. of September 2020, 11:00 - 12:30.

more information

TransitNXT training in Brno

TransitNXT training will take place in Brno on  9th. of October 2020, 10:00-12:30.

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